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Super Kink

This might be the most kinkiest picture The Porn Elephant has ever seen!

kinky girl

This Aziani girl nows how to get off on her own without using her hands! Very handy indeed!

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Ron Harris

You might not know the name, but you know Ron Haris. Internationally his name is forever connected with Playboy and “Aerobicise”, many people enjoyed this concept, on Showtime television in the 80’s or on the web. It shows young women working out, alone or in groups, in a solid white decor.

We owe this man so much!!! And his photography is out of this world!

ron harris kara

Thankfully he was able to carry over his work to the internet with his own site: Ron Haris!

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Hard Fuck

“I want to be fucked hard” Lisa told Richard. With a women like this it’s hard to say no, and Richard was always eager to please. Richard went to down and fucked the living shit out of the chick!

hard fuck1

Every moment of this felt good. Lisa was loving it!!!

hard fuck2

Richard dropped his load inside of her and then said “My turn!”. He flipped her around and suddenly Lisa found herself sucking on his cock, still wet with her own pussy juice!

hard fuck3

I hope she learned her lesson. That’s what you get when you say “I want to be fucked hard!”

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Nicole Graves

This is hot – Big breasted Nicole Graves fucked hard!

nicole graves slammed hard

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Not Shy Now

Seems like Riley Shye from New Sensations isn’t so shy any more – Not after taking this huge black cock in her mouth!

monster black cock

Now she knows how to take a huge cock in her mouth. But can she get it into her snatch?

You’ll find the answer at New Sensations!

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Surprise Fuck

Here’s something you don’t see every day… Try this on for size: We plan on blindfolding you and having you fucked by a man you’ve never met, and a man you’ll never meet again”.

How’s that for wild? First they made her suck on his cock – a cock she’s never seen before!

Check it:

surprise fuck1

And then she was told to climb on top of her stranger!

surprise fuck2

This is what happens when women need sex bad – they’ll fuck anyone, even strangers!

Brought to us by New Sensations!

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