Smoke & Mirrors

You see this all the time on porn sites, but we wonder if this really goes on in real life. Do women masterbait on top of mirrors so they can watch themselves?

woman masterbaiting on mirror

If you are a member of the Ron Harris, you might think so.

As much as we all like to watch women masterbait, we don’t think they do it on top of mirrors so they can watch themselves? (Do you jerk off in front of a mirror? No, of course not.) Instead, we belive this is really for our benefit so we can watch them get off from multiple angles!

Long Dark Hair

We love this tall dark haried beauty Lola. She’s on the Twistys website….

twistys lola1

We’d like to spend a day at the pool with her half naked with her perfect breasts hanging out. Or perhaps just throw her up on on a pool chair, hit her from behind, using her hair like a handle!!

Spread em!!!!

twistys lola2

Nice snatch.

Where do they find girls who do this stuff?

Ron Harris

Ron Harris has some beautiful photography. Check out this picture of Kara…

ron harris02

Set aside the fact that Kara is a blonde hottie with perky little tits and nice snatch. Check out the sunset behind her. One of the photos had the sun just blow her snatch, creating a star burst effect.

Beautfiul women….

Kinky Peach

Check out this kinky peach that Twistys has in their site…

blonde goddess1

Not sure if we should call her a “kinky peach” or a “blonde goddess”. Either way she’s a kinky one with the dildo up the snatch!

blonde goddess2

Chicks like this are hard to find – beautiful and plays with dildos. We are willing to bet she’s kinky in bed too!