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Blonde Busty Rack

Robert met Myli at – where else? – The gym. They both got a pleasant surprise when they first met. Myli knew that Robert liked to work out, but had no idea he had six pack abs. Robert, on the other hand was stunned when Myli showed up at their first date with long blonde hair – Myli always had her hair up in a bun and usually wore a hat while working out.

The combination of Myli’s long blonde hair and her impressive rack made her one of the Young Chicks Robert couldn’t wait to get his hands on!

hot blonde gets nailed1

Turns out Myli is also a well trained cock sucker too!!!!

hot blonde gets nailed3 hot blonde gets nailed4

Once Robert was warmed up he put his massive cock inside of her! Myli had never been fucked by such a well built man before and was ready to cum the moment he slipped inside of her!

hot blonde gets nailed6 hot blonde gets nailed7

Robert thought about grabbing her long mane of blonde hair and pulling on it when they were going for it but he was getting into it so much that he didn’t need to!

hot blonde gets nailed8

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MILFY Housewife

Everyone loves a MILFY housewife who sucks cock on a regular basis – just like our new friend here House Wife Kelly! She seems to have thing for pleasing her partner, be it a blow job, a quick fuck, or a hand job in a parking lot!

housewife kelly blowjob1

Imagine looking down and seeing her eyes looking up at your while she’s munching on your cock!!!

housewife kelly blowjob2

We should also mention she has great fun bags too!

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Ashylynn Brooke Licking Nutsack

Check out this shot of Ashlynn Brooke on New Sensations. Think chicks like licking balls?

ball lickers

Not sure if they do or not, but I sure love it!

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Nice Whore

Bailey looks like such a nice girl – the type of girl you would meet at your local libary or perhaps working at the bakery. Cute perky tits, nice blonde hair, and cute legs “nicely” hidden under her white skirt. Peraps you wouldn’t think twice about hitting it if you saw her on the street. Right?

nice whore1

But what you don’t know is that she came in to shoot with us at Cherry Spot and she’s a little whore who is begging to get off!

Nice pussy sprea shot:

nice whore2

And then Baily pulls out a glass dildo and goes to town on her tight snatch!

nice whore3

Good girl or a whore? You decide.

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