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One Wild Night

I have no idea where the Gang Bang Movie Club gets this stuff from…..

It all started with Claudia at a party when she casually mentioned that she could take on two dicks at once. It has been a long time since she had some cock inside of her and she didn’t like dry spells. This would be a quick way to get some attention and get fucked nice and hard!

2scoopsdoubledipped 02 x1

Must to Claudia’s surprise, two men took her up on the offer and they moved into the next room! Claudia pulled down the top of her outfit to show them how serious she was, and the guys quickly stripped down and offered up their cocks to her mouth!

Before she knew it she had two cocks filling up her snatch – that’s one hell of a tight fit!

2scoopsdoubledipped 02 x2 2scoopsdoubledipped 02 x3

With one cock in her ass and another cock inside of her pussy she was sure to get off quickly!

2scoopsdoubledipped 02 x4

Talk about getting fucked nice and hard!!!

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Lesbians First Time

I always love spending time on the Lesbian Movie Club website. I do love a good lesbian from time to time!

All lesbians have to learn how to be a lesbian at some time or another. Luckily Julie has her best friend and Lisa, a hot MILF who loves to train teen lesbians. And it turns out that Lisa has some great sex toys!

homeschooled 04 x2

Julie got a super quick education and was getting off in the process with that dildo up her ass! She’s always loved anal sex!

homeschooled 04 x3

But for a first timer the vibrator in the pussy is what did her in! Once they slid it inside of her snatch and turned it on, Julie had discovered a brand new world!!!

homeschooled 04 x4

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Betting On Cocks

Jenny made a bet that she could handle two cocks at once but she had no idea that would mean two cocks in her mouth at once! It was a bit much for her and she had problems dealing with it but she was a trooper who tried!!!

clusterfuck 02 x2

But that was only the beginning!

Once she got those cocks nice and hard and the men turned on they had to get fucked! Suddenly she found herself get her lips forced around one cock while she was getting drilled from behind!

clusterfuck 02 x4

If that wasn’t enough for her, there was a third guy who wanted to get a little action too!!!

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Sexy Strap On

According to the Lesbian Movie Club all women are lesbians but still crave cock from time to time! Seems these two are into each other in a big way and love to kiss each other!

Lesbian kissing is always hot!

homeschooled2 05 x1

But when Tina pulled out a strap on dildo Lori was all over it with her tongue!

homeschooled2 05 x2

But Tina had other plans in mind! She laid down on the carpet and lifted her snatch up to Lori’s vibrator and Lori fucked her unlike she’s ever been fucked before!!!!

homeschooled2 05 x4

It’s very true that lesbians still love the cock!!!

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Hot Hot Shit!

Ok, so you know I rarely do this, but you can consider this spam if you want, but I just have to say that in all the time I’ve been writing to my blogs I’ve rarely ran into a site online that offers pretty much everything I could want depending on my mood! I can get hot 18 year olds, hot pornstars, hot latinas, sexy ebony girls, gorgeous lesbians, and most of all super hot fucking! The guys over at Reality Kings know what they’re doing because they just love hot fucking porn!

pure18 1 jenavevejolie

teah welivetogether 1

welivetogether 2 audreybitoni

barbie pure18 2

I almost forgot that they’ve also got tons of anal and real life partying like their site In the VIP which is so good they even got a copyright on the idea! I mean seriously if there is one site membership to have then this is the one! With soo much porn online you want a place that actually delivers and these guys do! Lots of hot shit and they add new shit every day! Check it out!

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Carrie The Slut

Once again the Gang Bang Movie Club proves to us that some chicks love cock and some chicks love cock to the point that they have to find out exactly how many cocks they take on at once!!!

Carrie had always liked taking on as many cocks as she could – She loved the attention! Carrie learned quickly that if she offered sex to more than one man at a time all of them would be on board and would jump at the chance!

clusterfuck2 02 x2

One Friday afternoon she got off work early and decided to through a party. She call up some of her boy toys and told them “first come first serve” – and they came running! It wasn’t long before they were all naked and shoving their cocks inside of her holes!

clusterfuck2 02 x3

But this time… She got fucked really hard!!!!

clusterfuck2 02 x4

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Sluts & Cocks

How many cocks can one woman take on?

This slut proves she can take on three cocks at once!!!

three huge cocks

Turns out the best place to find out how many cocks a real slut can take on is at the Gang Bang Movie Club!!!!!

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Lesbian Vibrator Sex

When Linda invited Sara over to go swimming, she had no idea what Linda had in mind. She wanted to go swimming all right, but not swimming in the pool! She wanted to snatch swimming!

sororitysplash2 02 x1

When Linda put the moves on her she had no idea what was coming! She secretly had always wanted to try the lesbian thing and this was her chance!

Imagine her surprise when Linda pulled out the sex toys!!!

sororitysplash2 02 x2 sororitysplash2 02 x3

When Sara bent over and Linda shoved that vibrator up inside of her pussy it was pure heaven!!! Sara never knew how good another woman would make her feel!

sororitysplash2 02 x4

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Six Cocks One Chick

Shelly was the high school cheerleader and resident slut. But ever since she could remember she wanted to have a group of men all wanting to fuck her at the same time! Welcome to Gang Bang Movie Club!!!

For her twenty-first birthday she rented a nice cabin up in Lake Tahoe and invited a bunch of her male friends up with her. She got them all drunk, took off her clothes, and called out “every man naked gets to fuck me!” All six of them quickly stripped off their clothes!

Shelly the whore got down on her knees while the men gathered around her, and started shoving her cocks in her face! She didn’t know who she was sucking off, but she’s sure she sucked off all six of them at one time or another!

clusterfuck3 01 x1

And then one at a time she fucked them all! Some times she was getting fucked by one while sucking off another cock!

clusterfuck3 01 x2 clusterfuck3 01 x3

This was her fantasy and she was getting pounded in ways she never imagined!

clusterfuck3 01 x4

I bet she’ll be sore in the morning!!!

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Lesbians & Sex Toys

We found these pics at the Lesbian Movie Club website – very hot!!!

Thank god for sex toys!!! What would lesbians do without them???

sororitysplash3 02 x2

sororitysplash3 02 x4

Looks like they are getting off together!!!

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