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Extra Sausage Please!

We had a special request for me to deliver this next big sausage pizza. She said she heard from a fried that I deliver a great big sausage! Wow word spreads around like a wild fire! June was wearing this tight tube top that her homogenous breasts were about to pop out!

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Good thing we always deliver complimentary big sausage with our pizza and she ate it whole down her throat!

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She dipped that stick in her wet pussy and got a shot of cream sauce all over her mouth!

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I love working at Big Sausage Pizza!!!

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Desperate Cheerleader

One hot brunette wanted her shot for the head cheerleader in the squad…so our coach wanted her to so some warm-up stretches to figure how flexible she is and analyzing her body type to make sure she’d be a good cheerleader!

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She passed that area…but the head coach wanted to grill her on the ‘oral’ part of the audition and she would do ANYTHING to get in the squad…finally our head coach shot a big wad on her face while she hopes to get a big shot at the team too! She’d make it to the team all right…if there is one!

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We love desperate teens willing to do anything for their Cheerleader Audition!!!

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Cock Sucking MILF

MILFs love sex… They can’t live without it! And they know exactly what they are doing, the right moves to make, and just the right touch…..

Looks like this hot MILF looks so damn eager to suck down that cock!!!

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And clearly she knows exactly what she’s doing with a cock in her mouth…. She can deep throat down any cock, no matter how big it is!

When her stud muffin grabs her hair and pushed her mouth down around his cock…. This hot MILF has no problems with it and swallows it on down!

What a great fucking cock sucking whore!

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But the cock sucking MILF gets turned on when sucking on a cock and it made her pussy wet – now she needs to get fucked nice and hard!

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Hot Lesbians


Just a quick little something to put a smile on your face. I don’t know about you, but no matter how bad my day is going some pics like these always make me smile!


Throw some hot naked blondes with hard bodies and wet pussies into bed together and there isn’t anything better! Ok, well maybe it would be better if I was stuck in the middle, but come on, we’ll take what we can get!

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Full Service Fuck

Don’t you just wish that “full service” meant “full service”??? How about when you order a burger, you get a blow job to go too!Looks like this chick from the 40 OZ Bounce website is one those who wants to make sure that everyone is happy – right down to the right drop!

With a body like hers she’ll do fine in the business world!

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After she serves up her milk shake she offers to suck your cock down!

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Then she bends over to offer the ultimate in customer service, taking a cock from behind!!!

whore massive juggs sucks fucks5

Would you like frys with that????

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Shay Laren

Some women are just whores who can’t wait to get fucked nice and hard!

Shay Laren from Aziani is one of them….. This hot big breasted chick – all of the Aziani chicks have huge boobs – is on her hands and knees waiting for either a spanking or to get fucked from behind! I always do love a good looking chick on her hands and knees with her legs spread and her breasts hanging on down!

shay laren sexy whore1

It looks like Shay Laren is to get buck as naked for us….. Taking off everything but her high heels! And you know how we like that!!!!

shay laren sexy whore2 shay laren sexy whore3 shay laren sexy whore4 shay laren sexy whore5

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Teen Gets Drilled

Here’s another teen whore who doesn’t know she’s about to get fucked nice and hard! But she’s one of those eighteen year olds who doesn’t care as long as she’s getting fucked nice and hard!!! Who wouldn’t want to hit this little eighteen year old?

I can’t wait to see her with a mouth full of cock!

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See, I told you this hot teen would look great with some cock in her mouth!!!!

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But better than having her mouth full of cock is when she’s on her hands and knees with her legs spread and her pussy full of cock!!!

And it looks like she’s enjoying it too! Look at the priceless look on her face!!!

cock hungry teen whore8

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Asian Cum Whores

Check out what I found on the Jizz Jugglers website….. Two hot Asian chicks choking down on one cock!

Does this make them lesbians?


They suck and they suck and they suck it down until pop – out comes the man goo! And what do these two hot little Asians do with the cum? Do they just swallow it down? Oh hell no!

These two want to share the cum with each other!!!


What good little fucking whores they are!!!

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Blondes Are More Fun

Now this is the way to start off a Friday morning – and our weekend!!! With a hot blonde half naked ready to take care of all of our needs! She’s got the 40 OZ Bounce!!!!

great fucking ass whore1

This blonde has also got an ass that just won’t stop!!!!

great fucking ass whore2

Blondes have more fun and blondes are more fun, and blondes love to suck cock! I’m not sure why, but blondes love to suck down cock! And this hot blonde really knows how to suck down a cock!

What a great little whore this blonde is!!!!

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But at the end of the day all chicks just want to get fucked, usually nice and hard! And our blonde chick here is no different – She just wants to party all the time with a hard dick fucking her pussy from behind!!!!

I love this whore – and what a great ass she has!!!!

great fucking ass whore5

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Eighteen Year Old Nikki

Oh poor little eighteen year old Nikki has no idea whats about to slam into her….

Imagine being able to pick up and nail hot little eighteen year olds like young Nikki here! She thinks she knows it all – they always do – but she’s about to get schooled in the school of hard knocks!

With an ass like hers who would say no????

eighteeen-year old gets fucked whore3

She seems to know a thing or two about sucking cock, which is a good thing…. Most eighteen year olds we know can at least give a decent blow job, and young Nikki was about what we expected!

eighteeen-year old gets fucked whore4

When he tired to flip her around and hit her from behind she was confused…. Young Nikki had never been fucked like this before!

Well, it’s about time this hot eighteen year old learned!

eighteeen-year old gets fucked whore5

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