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Cock Sucking Whore

Sally was another waitress in Southern California who thought she had a line on a big time producer – and she quickly made it clear that she was an actress that was willing to do anything to make it in Hollywood. She’s just another hot slut who sucks cock hoping for a break!

She ended up naked – not her first time on the casting couch – and she was blown away by how big this guy’s cock was!!!


When her glasses got tangled up in the cock she thought it was too funny!

He wasn’t laughing. Suck that cock bitch!


But she’s a good little whore – she knows the drill – and it was time to suck off that cock!!!


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Riley Shy Isn’t Really Shy

Young little Riley Shy isn’t being shy about the fact that she wants her mouth full of cock this morning!!!! She wants it all and she’s made promises that we aren’t sure her throat can keep! That’s right, this hot teen bitch with the tiny tight mouth tells us she’ll be able to swallow down all nine inches of dick!!!!

She sure does look a bit eager doesn’t she???? Teen whore!

riley shy cum shot0100

Her eyes might be swelling up with tears just a bit, but she’s pulling it off – and she’s got that entire cock buried in her throat! What a killer deep throating teen whore Riley Shy is! No, she’s not that shy at all now is she????

Who says love doesn’t include tears?

riley shy cum shot0101

But she sure does look her best with her tongue covered in his cum….. She’s not in a hurry to swallow it down!

Good girl you slut!!!!

riley shy cum shot0102

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Sexy Eighteen Year Old

Why is it that young teens always look best when they have a cock in their mouth????

This hot eighteen year old is about ready to get a mouth full of cock! And she’s never looked hotter!

hot sexy teen

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Party Lesbians

Hi there, have you ever kissed another girl before? Just locked lips in a lesbian kiss? No?

Would you like to?

drunken teens lesiban kisses2

Yeah, we thought so….. Get a few drinks in any chick and suddenly they want to make out with every chick in sight!

drunken teens lesiban kisses3 drunken teens lesiban kisses4

That’s fine as long as we get to watch because we love lesbian kissers!!!!

drunken teens lesiban kisses5

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Sexy Slutty Cheerleader

Young Layla wanted to be a cheerleader…. bad! She was willing to do anything to become one at the new college she was attending, but it was clear the coach wasn’t impressed. What can she do to fix this?

You know exactly what she has in mind….. The moment she got down on her knees in front him, the coach knew too!

young teen red head cheerleader2 young teen red head cheerleader3

She whipped out his cock and started to suck away!

It wasn’t the first time the coach had seen this; Most of these girls were willing to suck and fuck just be on the team!

He gently put his hand on the back of her had and gently started to push her mouth down around his cock and with each dip her mouth took on his cock he pushed a little further!!!

young teen red head cheerleader4

But it was when he started to fuck her that he decided she would make the team! Any young whore that fucks like this would be golden on the cheerleading team!!!!

young teen red head cheerleader5

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Blow Job Lessons

After teaching Carmen how to properly suck a cock it was time for her to try the real deal….. Carmen & Aaralyn were about to share their first cock today – And this was Carmen’s first time sucking cock!

Teaching young dumb teens how to suck cock for the first time is always a special treat!

cock sucking practice1 cock sucking practice2

First Aaralyn showed her how it was done…. And then these two hot teens took turns on his cock!

cock sucking practice3

Aaralyn was the lucky one to take that load of cum in her mouth….. But being as this was a training session she had to make sure that young Carmen knew what cum tasted like! You have to train them well at this age and make sure they learn how to enjoy getting a load of hot sticky cum in the mouth!!!!

cock sucking practice4

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Hanna’s Handjob

Hanna was pissed – she flew half way across the country for a new job and when she landed she discovered they had gone out of business. She was stranded in a strange town and she didn’t know a soul……..

slut pays rent handjob13

With an beautiful ass like hers she won’t need look long!

Luckily Mike from Mike’s Apartment happened by….. And offered her a trade – and a place for her to stay until she figured out what to do!

slut pays rent handjob14

Turns out Hanna is known in her hometown for giving the best hand jobs ever!!!!! She quickly traded Mike a hand job for a place to spend the night….. Just looking down at his pecker and seeing hot Hanna playing with his cock was enough to get him off!

slut pays rent handjob15

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Deep Throat Reward

This teen cock sucker knows how to deep throat like it’s no one’s business…. And from the look in eyes she seems that she can handle a few more inches….

What a good teen cock whore!!!

sweet load of cum7

And what’s her great big reward for being able to deep throat a full nine inches of cock?

A small load of man goo on her tongue!!!!!!

sweet load of cum8

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Deep Throat Lover

Doesn’t look like this blonde bitch has any special talents, right? Wrong. She can do some amazing things with a cock!

Just wait and see!

hot blonde deep throats cock2

Ariel Summers learned at a young and tender age that it’s easy to get whatever she wanted from her man…. All it took was a blow job! And if she wanted something special, all she needed to do was deep throat his cock!

Men love to be deep throated, and she knows this! And she knows how to swallow down a cock whole!!!!

hot blonde deep throats cock3

Ariel Summers also knows that men love to be in control too…. So a little trick she’s learned is to lay down on her back and let men hover above her, sticking their cock down her throat…. She can take it as far as they can shove it down her throat!!!!!

hot blonde deep throats cock4

What a great little slut!!!

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Hottest Cock Sucker Ever

Oh my… Meet young Evangeline…. Talk about young and fucking precious! I have no idea where Thomas from Amateur Allure gets these young hotties that are willing to suck him off, but man he has a website full of hotties to suck him!!!!! That lucky prick!

And this young hottie is ready to go! She’s got her tongue out – what a wide tongue for such a small petit chick!

hottest cock sucker6

When it comes down to that special moment where her lips meet her cock it’s so damn hot! She’s no stranger to cock and it shows – She knows how to give a great blow job!!!

hottest cock sucker8

But she hasn’t even started yet…. She can take a lot of cock in her tiny little mouth!

hottest cock sucker7

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