So I stumbled across this new site today and fuck is it hot! Molly’s Life is the name of it, check it out if you haven’t!

Gracie talks a good game. A really good, sexy game. She talked up Molly over the phone to the point where Molly almost had to pull over! Molly rushed back to her bachelorette pad for a little labial love session. Your going to love Gracies curves. Shes got ass for days and is definately one of the hottest girls Molly ever had on her site. Youll love this……


She got soo turned on when Gracie was calling her that when they got together Molly asked Gracie to keep calling her so she could try something out! Yes, it worked, cell phones are good for more than just calling and texting!


But, of course the cell phone wasn’t enough so she had Gracie get out one of her favorite toys and drill her tight wet pussy!