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Tight Little Lesbian Teen Ass

Amber and Gianna are two very young girls who work for the same company and every single day at work they have to behave at their best. This is why when these two gorgeous lesbian girls go home all they want to do is have fun and games.


And today they started fooling around in the bathroom, but a few minutes after they got soaking wet, they took a few sex toys out of their special box and started working each other’s pussies and assholes with them.


Amber has been dreaming about a quickie with her stunning lesbian friend all day long, and this is why she was way too impatient and wanted to hurry things up, something that Gianna didn’t approve of.


This is why Gianna made her lesbian lover slow down and the two of them made long and passionate sex in the bathroom with the help of one orange anal dildo.


And this last pic shows just how hot these two little lesbians are! They love to play with their tight little pussies, but Gianna knows that there’s one way to get Amber off extra hard! When Amber is about to cum from Gianna playing with her pussy she knows to immediately started rubbing, licking and drilling Amber’s tight little ass! Amber loves it, but would never admit it!

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Hot Waitress Fuck

Jesicca was the girl that was serving our drinks and every time I looked at her short dress I had the feeling that she wanted to get her hands on my cock and since I had nothing to lose I finally decided to try my luck, even though my buddy Frank was there with me. I just winked at him, asked Jessica to sit down with us, and the two of us started sweetening her up.


Well, we didn’t have to do it for two long, this girl was one smart doll and she knew that we wanted to double-fuck her pink pussy. After a little bit she stood up, looked at me and just grabbed my cock! I was already pretty hard and I think she could tell!


Only after our first drink together I was already standing with my pants down and she was blowing my tasty cock while rubbing her pussy, and this is when Frank joined in and made her sit on his cock, something that he felt was the most appropriate thing to do at that moment.


She said we were both kind of cute and she’d been really horny that day so why not! She got naked and slowly took each of our cocks into her mouth getting us nice and hard! We just loved her body with her sexy little ass, beautiful tits and hot wet pussy!


She rode Frank’s cock while she kept jerking and sucking my cock waiting for the happy ending! After we’d pumped our hot loads all over her face and tits she said thanks and asked us if we needed another drink!

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Tight Teen Fuck

Kina isn’t the tallest girl in the hood, but she plays basketball all the time.


Of course most of us think that she’s there every day simply because she wants to meet guys and I’ve actually heard her say something to that extent. And once I realized that this stunning babe had no boyfriend I wasn’t going to let her stay unsatisfied for very long! I immediately started chatting her up and told her that I knew better ways to exercise.


She smiled when I said it and told me that she’d drop by in an hour. I ran home, took a shower and polished my cock waiting for her arrival. She came wearing a different sport’s uniform and no underwear at all: this made things easier for me and minutes later she had my cock in her hot little mouth and she was loving it!


I couldn’t believe how good she sucked my cock so I barely could wait to get my cock into her tight little pussy! She keeps her body in such good shape I only imagined how tight her pussy was going to be!


After my cock was nice and hard I picked her up and threw her onto the couch sliding my cock into her pussy! She was soo wet my cock slid right in and her pussy wrapped around my cock was even better than I expected!

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Time to Blow

I have known Angel and Nick for many years and there was one thing that I simply couldn’t understand – they were always late for our parties and gatherings.


One day I just couldn’t help myself and asked them what was the reason for that. Well, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words and these are the pictures that Nick showed me. He said that he likes his girl so much that every time they start preparing to go out, as soon as she comes out of the shower she simply has to suck his cock right there and then.


And he said that this has been happening since day one and they are both simply crazy about each other. And when I asked Angel if this was true she simply said that nothing beats a nice blowjob before going out and this was the best way to start a great night.


She figures that if he just shot his load down her throat then he likely won’t need to hit on anybody and he knows that if she’s got his cum inside of her she’s not likely to flirt with many guys!

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Big Tits Diamond Kitty

What I love the most of my job as a photographer is that quite often I get a chance to shoot gorgeous busty teen girls. And my last assignment was exactly that – to take a few pics of gorgeous brunette Diamond Kitty while she was being fucked by one of our guys.


The moment the girl took off her clothes we were all left speechless – this chick had the most beautiful breasts that I have seen in a while and if you add to that her lovely face and great body, you would understand why I was so eager to work with her.

I knew right away that this would result into some really great photos: you be the judge – take a look at the pics and tell me what you think. What can be better to look at than gorgeous teen girl with massive boobs sucking and riding stiff cock?


And little Diamond seriously knows how to suck cock! With tits like hers she knows that sucking cock doesn’t just involve her hands or her mouth, but she’s got to get a little titty fucking into the mix or it just isn’t right! Your cock buried between her big natural tits in between moutfuls is sure to drive any guy crazy and our guy wasn’t any different!


I did know that he was just looking forward to fucking her little shaved pussy! She’s got some nice curves on her to support those big tits and grabbing those tits while she drilled her pussy down on his cock made him a happy man! She even took his hot load right in her mouth when they were done! What a trooper!

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