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Post Soccer Sex

Charlie and two of her best girlfriends have decided to slow down on the wild life and start living just a tad healthier. They carefully weighed up their choices and figured out that playing soccer would be the best option. Said and done. And when the three of them came back from their first practice they found out that all the endorphins that were released during the exercising put them in a very good mood.


Once they got back to their place they noticed just how cute all of them looked in their skimpy uniforms and soon enough they were all over one another – kissing, caressing and fingering their sweet pussies.


These three babes have had lesbian sex many times before, but now they decided to try their new sex toys. They quickly took off their panties, but kept their tops since that seemed to make it that much hotter and kinkier!


After that they lied on the floor and put their favorite small dildos to good use to make sure and get everyone off just right! They love to use their little dildos to hit their Gspots and get off the hardest! They know what it takes and they make it happen!

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Double Cock Stress Relief

Jessica Lynn has been working far too hard lately and has needed to relieve some stress badly. Her best girlfriend gave her the phone number of a massage agency that is known to take very good care of their VIP clients. And since she knows the owner they would treat Jessica extra special by request!


Jessice called them up and told them she needed the first appointment they had! Luckily for her they had an opening later that day so she jumped on the chance! A few hours went by and soon enough her door bell rang and she opened the door to find two young studs ready to relax her!


They got set up and had her lay down on the table. She could see their eyes light up when she got naked as they both offered her a towel to cover up. She isn’t shy and declined. She lied down totally naked and almost simultaneously saw bulges instantly begin to grow in both their pants! As the two young guys started rubbing her hot body with massage oil, she knew where this was going.


Only after a few minutes she was already sucking one huge cock and stroking another one with her hand. Once the two massive dicks were harder than steel and her cunt was dripping wet, she was ready to get double donged by these two horny studs.


She rolled over to her back keeping one cock in her mouth while the other spread her legs and began to drill her tight wet pussy!


Both of them had nice big young cocks that gave her just what she was in need of! With ever thrust into her pussy she sucked harder and harder on the cock in her mouth making cum again and again!


Between switching positions she could feel her young cocks almost ready to cum so she dropped to her knees taking both cocks in her hands and mouth jerking them harder and harder until they both shot their hot loads all over her face! She didn’t get the massage she wanted, but she got the fucking she needed!

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Fucked after Aerobics

Tiffany is a bit short of money and when she needed to pay for her fresh tattoo she had to come up with a plan. Of course she had noticed the way Keiran had been looking at her massive tits and that’s why when he came to see her after her aerobic class to get his money she gladly showed them to him.


The dude quickly forgot about the money that he came to collect and grabbed her huge tits, licked her nipples, twisted them a few times with his teeth, and then pushed her hand down to his pants.


Once she grabbed his hard cock, she started breathing heavily and dropped down to her knees to take it in her mouth. After a nice wet and juicy blowjob, she took off her panties and let the ink-master fuck her trimmed pussy.


He filled her tight little wet pussy with his big cock right there in the aerobics room! He slammed her against the mirrored wall and drilled her pussy hard and fast making her cum loud and fast! She loved every inch of his cock and when he was ready to cum she happily sucked his cock dry swallowing every drop of his hot cum!

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Horny Teen at Work

Today we find the sexy Little Kimberly hard at work and horny! She has one of her favorite little plaid skirts on and all day she’s been thinking about her boyfriend’s hard cock and it’s kept her tight little shaved pussy nice and wet!


As lunch approaches she decides to get her boyfriend to come pick her up for lunch. But, what Little Kimberly didn’t tell her boyfriend was that she was hungry for only one thing, his cock!


The second he arrived Little Kimberly made it obvious what she wanted! She started rubbing his cock through his jeans and it didn’t take him long to start undressing her! She was wearing a sexy little top with no bra so he could see her perky little nipples peaking through and he could only imagine how wet her pussy was!


He got her undressed and Little Kimberly pulled his pants down sliding his hard cock into her mouth! She closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around his cock licking and sucking as hard as she could! Getting his cock harder and harder her pussy got even wetter waiting to be fucked!


Little Kimberly pushed him back into the chair and sat down on his cock filling her wet pussy with every inch he had! She put her feet up on his knees to give her better leverage to pound her pussy against his cock harder and harder! She kept riding his cock until she could feel his cock ready to explode so she got back on her knees taking his cock back into her mouth as he came!

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