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Vanessa Lane Does Anal

Vanessa Lane would have done anything for him… Rich men always turned her on! And she would do anything for a man who had money… She wanted a sugar daddy – and if all she had to do was fuck him twice a week, that would be easy!

But Jason wanted anal sex… She had never been fucked in the ass before, and it hurt like hell!

vanessa lane loves ass fucking2

Having a cock in her ass might hurt, but when she started fingering her pussy at the same time she quickly got off!

vanessa lane loves ass fucking1

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Kelly Wells Loves Ass Fucking

Kelly Wells always knew she was a little slut… And now she was proving it to him! She was taking his huge cock up her ass!

kelly wells hot anal sex 1

She wasn’t used to taking cock up the ass, but Kelly Wells was a quick learner… And she was learning how to get her ass pounded!

Turns out Kelly Wells will learn to love being fucked in the ass – eventually!

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Fucking Her In The Ass Not Gently

Her boyfriend caught her fucking around again… And this time she was going to pay for it. He was walking out the door when she said the one thing that might get him to stay – she said “I’ll get you fuck me in the ass“. Sure enough he didn’t leave.

Moments later she was naked and on the couch, spreading her ass cheeks for him so he could slide his huge cock up in her ass!

michelle avanti hot ass fuck r103

And slide his cock up her ass is exactly what he did! He fucked her ass so hard that she’ll never have anal sex again!

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Cock Crazy Anal Whore

Jennifer was always a bit on the slutty side… And now that she was older she could do whatever she wanted… And what she wanted was to fuck two guys at once!

But it turns out Jack was slipping his cock up her ass… She gasped at first, but it wasn’t exactly the first time she’s had anal sex


And it’s not like Jennifer didn’t like anal sex to begin with!

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Cock Up Wife’s Ass

The fact that Britney was married didn’t bother him at all. All women was to him was a hole to fuck a jizz in… And she was smoking hot!

She was fucking him hard right up in the ass and just letting loose when he started to cum…

hot slutty wife fucks stranger1

He didn’t want to cum inside of someone’s wife so he quickly pulled out… And spermed his jizz all over her ass!

hot slutty wife fucks stranger2

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Taking It Up The Ass

Becky wanted to fuck and she wanted it fast and hard. She was a slut like that. And when she was really horny she wanted to take it up the ass… And no man is going to no to a good ass fucking!

When she saw his place… She would have done anything he wanted!

bruntte takes cock up ass1

Phil’s cock was nice and hard and fit into her asshole like a glove!

bruntte takes cock up ass2

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Anal Fuck On Boat

When Andy told her that he had a boat it made her pussy wet. Tracy always thought that guys with boats had big money, and it seemed Andy was set for life.

But once out on the boat when it was time to fuck… Turns out he didn’t want to put his cock in her pussy!

anal fucking on boat 1

He wanted to ass fuck – right there on the boat….

It’s been a long time since she had a good anal fuck, and his cock was nice and thick… he decided to go for it and let him slide his cock right up her ass!

anal fucking on boat 2

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Allison Pierce Tries Anal

Allison Pierce knew the price she was about to pay… It was his birthday and that meant special birthday sex – anything he wanted. And for the past month he had been telling Allison Pierce that he wanted anal sex… Just like every time they had sex, she went down on him sucking him off…

She really got off on pleasing him…

allison pierce loves anal sex 2

But taking his cock up her ass was a bit too much for her!

She knew it was gonna hurt, but Allison Pierce was going to take it like she always does!

allison pierce loves anal sex 1

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Vanessa Lane Wants Anal

Vanessa Lane is the kind of whore that is like a light switch – once she gets turned on she’s nearly impossible to turn off. And she never says no so long as she’s getting something out of it. Phil was fucking her hard from behind, ramming his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy with every thrust, but he kept telling her he wanted anal sex…

She knew he was about to try to slide his cock up in her ass!

vanessa lane takes cock up ass

She knew what was going to happen next! The last time Vanessa Lane had anal sex it hurt like hell!

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Hard Cock In Ass

She had never tried anal before, but she knew it was only a matter of time. She thought it would be a good idea to willingly take a cock in the ass, and instead of being drunk one night and having some stud with a huge cock surprise her by slipping his cock in her ass.

Lori decided to let Jack fuck her in the ass the first time…

anal slut

It hurt like hell, but she wasn’t an anal virgin any more!

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