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Blow Job Lessons

After teaching Carmen how to properly suck a cock it was time for her to try the real deal….. Carmen & Aaralyn were about to share their first cock today – And this was Carmen’s first time sucking cock!

Teaching young dumb teens how to suck cock for the first time is always a special treat!

cock sucking practice1 cock sucking practice2

First Aaralyn showed her how it was done…. And then these two hot teens took turns on his cock!

cock sucking practice3

Aaralyn was the lucky one to take that load of cum in her mouth….. But being as this was a training session she had to make sure that young Carmen knew what cum tasted like! You have to train them well at this age and make sure they learn how to enjoy getting a load of hot sticky cum in the mouth!!!!

cock sucking practice4

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Cum Loving Lesbians

As if it’s not hot enough to have two chicks sucking off your cock…..

cum swapping whores52

How about two chicks sharing your cum????

Boy, they must like cum a lot!!!

cum swapping whores53 cum swapping whores54

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Caring & Sharing

It’s important that we train the youth of today to share – because sharing is caring. It seems that Liv & Kylie have already learned this lesson and it’s a good that these two lesbian teen whores share everything…. Including that rare cock they come across!!!!!

They sure are close to each other…..

jizz jugglers cum swapping lesbians tagteam1 jizz jugglers cum swapping lesbians tagteam2

They cared so much that they decided to share this slab of man beef with each other! They shared it, taking turns deep throating and sucking it off!

Someone is a lucky fucking prick that’s for sure!!!!!

jizz jugglers cum swapping lesbians tagteam5 jizz jugglers cum swapping lesbians tagteam6

They didn’t want to fuck him, they just wanted his cum! These two wannabe lesbians are cum junkies who love the taste of cum!

Liv was the winner who walked with the trophy – a big shot of cum – and because she’s nice type of girl she is she decided that instead of hogging it all to herself she was going to save it for her girlfriend there… Because she loves the taste of cum on her tongue too!!!!

jizz jugglers cum swapping lesbians tagteam7

These two cum junkie teen whores didn’t leave a drop behind!!!!!

jizz jugglers cum swapping lesbians tagteam8

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