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Teen Alisa Ford Masturbates

She might be young enough and cute enough to get any man she wants into bed, but sometimes Alisa Ford just likes to do it the old fashioned way – masturbating with her own fingers!

alisa ford masturbates

No sex toys needed, she just spreads her legs… And finger bangs herself!

Works like a charm to get her off every time!

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Vanessa Lane Does Anal

Vanessa Lane would have done anything for him… Rich men always turned her on! And she would do anything for a man who had money… She wanted a sugar daddy – and if all she had to do was fuck him twice a week, that would be easy!

But Jason wanted anal sex… She had never been fucked in the ass before, and it hurt like hell!

vanessa lane loves ass fucking2

Having a cock in her ass might hurt, but when she started fingering her pussy at the same time she quickly got off!

vanessa lane loves ass fucking1

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Fucking Herself Raw

Lori was too horny for her own good. Usually it meant she went from man to man, trying to talk them into fucking her brains out, only to run to the next cock and fuck him too. She had to slow down.

That’s when she re-discovered masturbation…. She would get naked on her own…


And then fuck herself raw with her huge red vibrator!


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Teen Brunette Masturbates

Kerry was going through a rare dry spell, and she wasn’t sure what to do about it. But it was becoming a bit too much for her. With her tight sexy body and those perfect mouthful breasts, she could have nearly any man she wanted, but she was holing out for the right one….

So she decided she was going to masturbate herself!

babe-finering-dildoing-asshole-3 babe-finering-dildoing-asshole-6

This wasn’t something she did often… But she stripped off all of her clothes, pulled out her old trusty vibrator, and went to town on herself… Spreading her legs and fucking herself with her vibrator turned on high!


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Utterly Perfect Boobs

Rilee might be a young teen, but she’s got a nice little rack. In fact, she’s got a perfect rack. It’s just the right size – the perfect mouthful!

Her breasts are very impressive!

teen cowgirl rilee loves fingering pussy1

And when this hot tight little teen gets naked and starts to masturbate her perky boobs jiggle in a very sexy way!

teen cowgirl rilee loves fingering pussy5

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Aurora Snow Anal Fuck

One would think that a chick like Aurora Snow wouldn’t have problems getting laid, but it seems that Aurora Snow is having a bit of a problem finding someone to fuck her – up the ass.

Aurora Snow likes being fucked up the ass and when her man isn’t around she’ll gladly do it on her own!

Aurora Snow masturbation fuck doggie style

Buck naked, Aurora Snow gets up on her knees, spreads her legs, and fucks herself in the ass with her favorite vibrator! Turned on high!

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Sexy Self Pictures

Stacy was a little hottie who was pissed off at her boyfriend. The night before she caught Jeff cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend. She was willing to do anything for him, and often brought home other chicks for him to fuck. She was willing to do it all for him!

Now… Not so much!

sexy self photos 2

So she decided to take some sexy pictures of herself, naked, to share with him and all of his best friends!

sexy self photos 1

This way Jeff will see exactly what he’s missing!

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Faye Regan Masturbating

When chicks like Faye Reagan need to get off and for some odd reason couldn’t find a man to fuck, she is more than able to do it herself. In fact, chicks like Faye Reagan – pornstars – get paid for sex and when they really want to get off they like to do it themselves…

Because chicks like Faye Reagan love to masturbate!

wildoncam-faye reagan masturbating

This shot of Faye Reagan masturbating is from the Cherry Pimps website – from one of their live web shows!

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Vibrator Up The Ass

She was a beautiful big breasted blonde, but the truth was that she liked to masturbate herself more than anything else… It was the easiest way for her to get off!

Sandy would go all out for her little masturbation sessions too…. She would get all dressed up just to entertain herself!


Turns out she likes to masturbate herself… In the ass with a vibrator!


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Fucking Herself Up The Ass

This was nothing new for Sydney. When the urge hit her, she headed right to the tub… Because she knew she was going to be fucking herself up the ass!

lusty-girl-anal-dildoing-4 lusty-girl-anal-dildoing-7

She got herself all wet, stripped off her clothes… And mounted her suction cup dildo on the edge of the tub… And then sat on it so it right up her ass!


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