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Fucking Herself Raw

Lori was too horny for her own good. Usually it meant she went from man to man, trying to talk them into fucking her brains out, only to run to the next cock and fuck him too. She had to slow down.

That’s when she re-discovered masturbation…. She would get naked on her own…


And then fuck herself raw with her huge red vibrator!


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Teen Brunette Masturbates

Kerry was going through a rare dry spell, and she wasn’t sure what to do about it. But it was becoming a bit too much for her. With her tight sexy body and those perfect mouthful breasts, she could have nearly any man she wanted, but she was holing out for the right one….

So she decided she was going to masturbate herself!

babe-finering-dildoing-asshole-3 babe-finering-dildoing-asshole-6

This wasn’t something she did often… But she stripped off all of her clothes, pulled out her old trusty vibrator, and went to town on herself… Spreading her legs and fucking herself with her vibrator turned on high!


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Perky Teen Masturbates With Huge Dildo

Monica is a teen who is so hot and so tight and so perky that she never worries about not having a boyfriend. She gets hit on every day. But sometimes she needs some quiet time to herself…

teen monica loves masturbating 1 1

And besides – she hasn’t met a man who has a cock as big as her dildo!

teen monica loves masturbating 1 3

This way she can fuck herself silly and masturbate as much a she wants, and she doesn’t have to worry about getting them leave afterwards!

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Anal Teen Masturbates With Vibrators

Britney looks like a little girl in big girl shoes – and wearing a sexy dress too. All dressed up with no place to go and no one to take care of her sexual needs.

Looks like she’ll need to resort to her old favorite standby, masturbating with her vibrators…

hot teen loves masturbation1

But one vibrator up her ass is no longer enough. Now that she has anal sex on a regular basis, she needs more – she needs to fill her asshole up!

She masturbates with two vibrators up her ass!

hot teen loves masturbation2

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Vibrator Up The Ass

She was a beautiful big breasted blonde, but the truth was that she liked to masturbate herself more than anything else… It was the easiest way for her to get off!

Sandy would go all out for her little masturbation sessions too…. She would get all dressed up just to entertain herself!


Turns out she likes to masturbate herself… In the ass with a vibrator!


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Fucking Herself Up The Ass

This was nothing new for Sydney. When the urge hit her, she headed right to the tub… Because she knew she was going to be fucking herself up the ass!

lusty-girl-anal-dildoing-4 lusty-girl-anal-dildoing-7

She got herself all wet, stripped off her clothes… And mounted her suction cup dildo on the edge of the tub… And then sat on it so it right up her ass!


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Lesbian Live Show

Cassandra & Callie couldn’t wait to do their live show on Cherry Pimps. These two hot lesbians couldn’t wait to tear into each other!!!!

Cassandra Callie cherry pimps live show2

The show started off well enough with Cassandra & Callie fooling around, but things got serious quickly when they started sucking on each other’s fingers and pulling out the sex toys!

They didn’t care if it was a Cherry Pimps live show or not – they wanted to bang each other!

Cassandra Callie cherry pimps live show3 Cassandra Callie cherry pimps live show4

Or at least make out with each other while they both masturbated!

Cassandra Callie cherry pimps live show1

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Madison Fox Live

Madison Fox is a horny little pornstar slut who couldn’t wait to get naked… She was getting off just taking off her panties!

She was nervous about doing a live show for Cherry Pimps, but she was doing great… She teased everyone in the room just by taking off her panties!

Madison Fox live masturbation show 2

When she pulled out the dildo everyone in the chat room knew what was next!

Up on her her knees and elbows, she spread her legs, and rammed that vibrator right down her pussy!

Madison Fox live masturbation show 1

Live on camera too!

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Vibrator Up Ass

Holly didn’t know it, but she was into anal sex.

She was all alone one night and decided to masturbate, so she pulled out her favorite vibrator… She started to tease her clit with her vibrator when it nearly slipped out of her hand – and touched her ass!

It quickly excited her!

gold vibrator in cunt

Before she knew it she was massaging her asshole with her vibrator – and then she started sliding it in her ass!

She never had anal sex before, but masturbating with a vibrator sliding up in her ass was a huge fucking turn on for her!

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Two Naked Lesbians

Aj Bailey and Mikayla are two hot lesbians who love getting their lesbian game on at work… They wait until all of their customers are gone and they are finished cleaning up and then the strip down and go at it in a way that only lesbians can go at it… They make a contest out of who can wear the sexiest lingerie all day at work…

Every day it’s a treat when they strip each other down…

aj Bailey Mikayla crazy lesbians on bar3

Today Mikayla brought along her pink vibrator… Not to be out done, Aj Bailey brought her own little sex toy… Being lesbians, they always keep their sex toys handy…. And they love fucking each other with their sex toys right on the counter!

aj Bailey Mikayla crazy lesbians on bar4

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